Dave Mustaine Reveals New Megadeth Bassist?


Dave Mustaine says that there is no chance of David Ellefson ever rejoining Megadeth in a new Cameo video.

Rock Feed asked, “”Any chance on Ellefson coming back later on? The answer to that is no.”

In another Cameo video, it shows engineer Chris Rakestraw sitting behind the studio console as well as the band’s new bassist “hiding behind the chair on the floor.” You can’t see the bassist, but they appeared to be using the same brand of Ibanez bass played by Testament’s Steve Di Giorgio.

Dave Mustaine said last month, “I just wanna thank you for all the kinds words and support as we get ready for this next tour and continue to hunt for a new bass player. We are making progress. The record’s being completed, and we’re gonna have someone coming in in a couple of weeks to replace the bass tracks that we had.

Which should be relatively quick because the person we’re talking to is a stellar bass player. And hopefully this will be an ongoing thing after the recording. Or we will find someone prior to the recording that will be our permanent guy going forward.”