1st Base Runner’s “Break Even” Is Treat For Alice In Chains Fans


Written by Dustin Schumacher

Today we have 1st Base Runner. A truly unique artist who is someone you can’t forget once you hear their haunting and smoky voice and mysterious instrumental work.

1st Base Runner sticks to your brain like peanut butter butter in your dry mouth. The work done here is incredible and forever will be loved by many for years to come as it’s very ahead of its time.

1st Base Runner is Tim Hussman. Tim had the following to say about his newest song – ‘Break Even’: “This song is about the expectations other people place upon us in life. This could and should include life partners, parents, and authoritarian figures in general. It is written from the perspective of an adolescent trying to find meaning in the world.

Tim continues: “It attempts to reconcile the void between what is often given as advice and the underlying truths of what it means to be human and to be at peace with one’s existence. This is also intertwined with other people’s interpretations of a vengeful creator and the pitfalls of projecting anger on the behalf of a deity. The instrumental sections of the song are intended to carry the listener away and into the deeper chasms of meaning and purpose.”

Perhaps one of the most intriguing facts that I learned about Tim is that he recently worked with Matt Mahurin who worked with Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, and Alice In Chains on their iconic “No Excuses” and “Angry Chair” videos.

1st Base Runner did an amazing job with ‘Break Even’ and I can see this song being played at goth and alternative clubs everywhere. It’s really that good and dark of a track. As for who I think of when I hear this track, it’s really hard to say. I get shades of Type-O Negative, and at some points, I hear Nine Inch Nails influences here and there.

Even with the influences being said, it’s hard to pinpoint where the inspiration draws from and what other bands sound like 1st Base Runner. Typically, that’d be a tough deal, but it just works in this case. While it’s hard to put my finger on who sounds like who, the formula is still right there for making catchy songs and it’s just done so extremely well here.

1st Base Runner will be one of those bands that gets a cult following rather quickly. I can see the following mainly being based in the darker end of Alternative music like Goth and maybe even Emo. I think that Tim knows his audience and will continue to play to that audience. I really think that’s going to be huge when it comes to how far this band goes. I can’t wait to see what comes next.