Dave Navarro Unloads On Red Hot Chili Peppers Firing


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro poked some fun at his firing and short time in the band in a new social media post. Flea recently revealed who used cocaine in Red Hot Chili Peppers.

He first wrote, “Grateful to have been even a small part of this musical history – thank you gentlemen #rhcp circa 199-something.”

Neilfinghatesyou710 commented, “One hot minute. Name of one of their best albums and about how long you were in the band 😂.” Navarro responded, “Precisely.”

Laurakmace asked, “Is that a pager in your jean overalls Dave? God I hope so… lol!!” Navarro shot back, “Of course! Cause, technology 😂.”

Josh Klinghoffer was also just fired from Red Hot Chili Peppers for John Frusciante, and RHCP had recorded a new album’s worth of demoes with him that will remain unreleased.

CentralToNowhere posted on Reddit, “What the band should do then is allow Josh to have those songs to release on his own. Kind of a severance package for blindsiding him. I mean, we the public found out about this via tweet before Josh could even get home from that meeting. That, I think, was rather disrespectful. Give the man a day or two to process the firing before telling the world.”

Ryanbrasher responded, “Depends who own the rights to the songs. Their record label could own them for all we know.”

Goldendreamseeker wrote, “Yeah, most likely. Tommy Stinson, bassist of Guns n Roses from 1997-2014, wrote a song for GnR entirely on his own (vocals and instruments) that wasn’t released during his time in the band, and he confirmed that the band won’t use it now and he can’t get it back cause the label technically ‘owns’ it. He says he wishes he could get it back, but can’t.” A Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist ‘heroin meltdown’ was just revealed.