Pearl Jam Accused Of ’Selling Out’ With Ticket Prices


Pearl Jam are set to tour North America in March and April 2020, and fans are furious with some of Ticketmaster’s prices just after calling out their terrible ticket lottery system.

JustBreatheVLC posted on the Ten Club board, “Ticketmaster fan club seats at $125 each: Hard to imagine this in 1995. And ‘Official Platinum’ scalper-like seats too? Can’t wait to see the prices on those. Sorry, shut out of my hometown show and short on cash right now so just venting.”

Little Italy responded with a graphic showing GA Floor ticket prices on Ticketmaster ranging from $8,999 to $2,070. Windermere11 said, “Speaking of 1995… My PJ stubs from San Fran ($23.50) and San Jose ($12.45)… ‘Sponsored By No One’…”

Ojamajoe said, “Under capitalism, capital won. No one should be surprised. The band has remarkable leverage to be able to force the concessions they have!” JG108535 chimed in, “It’s 2020….1995 was 25 years ago! PJ has done well keeping ticket prices reasonable over the years. One would pay $140 to see Billie Eilish who just started touring a year ago or so.
Also, none of us will walk out of that building thinking that we didn’t get our moneys worth.
Worth every penny.”

Spiritual_Chaos claimed that Eddie Vedder’s solo show ticket prices are actually worse than Pearl Jam, “And I am not one of those fans who eye-rollingly daft say ‘THEY SELL A PRODUCT – BUY IT OR NOT. VIVA CAPITALISM AND THE MARKET ECONOMY.’ But compared to other acts, I think Pearl Jam keeps it relatively decent. To me Eddie Vedder solo was way worse.”

JP218404 added, “Well they are actually $98 5 bucks to the charity and the rest fees. If they were $125 to start they would be over $150, less than $100 these days for a band of their caliber is a deal.” A Pearl Jam member recently reacted to Eddie Vedder being insulted by a Chris Cornell relative.