David Gilmour Family Reveals ‘Tragic Letter’ To Fans


David Gilmour‘s wife, the incomparable Polly Samson took to social media via Twitter to thank the staff of one of London’s oldest & finest bookshop, Hatchards after the bookstore had her there to read a series of letters. Roger Waters ‘angers’ David Gilmour in backstage photo.

Samson documented her experience on Twitter stating: “Lovely event [at] Hatchards last night to launch the bi-centenary of RSLiterature. Fascinating readings of letters from Fellows taken from the archives – a treasure trove – each a short story. I hope there will be a book.”

She later said: “There were fabulous excuses for not turning up from Daphne du Maurer (her mother’s health in excruciating detail) and Anthony Burgess from Malta (tax evasion – tsk), choleric temper and rudeness in the extreme from Kingsley Amis. But best of all was the now sadly forgotten writer who wrote about the death of her cat while leaving everything she had to RSL Literature, – a strange and beautiful and tragic letter that read like a short story. I’d love to read it again Lisa Appignanesi and who was she? Thank you RSL Literature and Hatchards. It was a properly lovely event.”

After legendary author, Neil Gaiman replied to her: “I wished I could be there, but now I REALLY wish I could have been there. Love from Australia.” The Pink Floyd significant other responded: “I wish to be in the RS Literature archive. [It] really made me wistful for the days of letter writing. But [I] would also really like to be in Tasmania right now!

David Gilmour’s wife calls out this sad Pink Floyd paycheck. In other news revolving David Gilmour, fans of Pink Floyd recently took to the group’s subreddit to debate which non-Dark Side of the Moon track would fit the most on that album. One fan wrote: “I feel stupid because I don’t even have a proper answer for my own question, but I feel, maybe Comfortably Numb? It doesn’t exactly fit DSOTM thematically and definitely fits The Wall better, but the sound it gives off has always reminded me of Brain Damage, so I think the both could maybe go well together”

While another said: “Comfortably Numb does work. Personally I think Echoes is my favorite DSOTM companion song. Childhood’s end and my wild card pick that strangely feels right is Wearing the inside out. The last pick works great in my opinion because of the bluesy guitar licks, piano, and saxophone work that always feels like they pulled us and them straight out from the dark side.” David Gilmour’s wife unloads on bad girlfriend lie.