Roger Waters ‘Angers’ David Gilmour In Backstage Photo


The Twitter account for Roger Waters‘ and David Gilmour’s beloved group Pink Floyd recently tweeted the following picture. The picture is actually a vintage photograph of Roger Waters clearly gleeful that he has the upper hand on bandmate David Gilmour in a riveting game of backgammon. Roger Waters ‘huge mistake’ caught on video at show.

The account wrote: “Life on the road – particularly on long tours – can be a good time to brush up on backgammon…” You can check out the photo below.

David Gilmour ‘attacking’ Roger Waters revealed by Pink Floyd. In other Pink Floyd news, fans recently took to social media to discuss one of the group’s most revered albums in ‘Wish You Were Here’. One fan responded: “This is in my top three Pink Floyd albums along with “Animals” and “The Wall”. There is no filler on this (yes I know there are only 5 listed songs) but this is most definitely a full album. The packaging is great (postcards are included… get it, we wish you were here) and the vinyl was shipped in a rice paper like sleeve so it was free of manufacturing particles.”

The fan continued: “I’ve seen some comments about an earlier edition having a better sound. I can’t say that I agree as I’m playing this on a Marantz amp, Creek Audio pre-amp, Pro-ject Carbon player and JM Lab speakers but, I don’t have the other edition to compare with this. However, I can say that this sounds awesome! The transition from “Have a Cigar” to “Wish You Were Here” is pin-drop quiet and the lo-fi effects that give way to the acoustic guitar is a fun listen. It sounds like David Gilmour is in the room plucking away. This is a must for any Pink Floyd fan with a record player.” Roger Waters ‘backing out’ of Pink Floyd reunion leaks.