Blink-182 Reveal When They’ll Release New Music


Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus was on Twitter earlier today feeling in the mood for a fan Q & A. Alternative Press is reporting that at one point in the exchange with fans, Hoppus answered a question about new music:

Alternative Press claims Mark Hoppus said “I believe it’s April now.”

Hours later, it seems the tweet has disappeared.  But later, the tweeter Brittany posted:

Apparently Hoppus answered another question about a collaboration with Halsey:

“Yes Absolutely.”

It would be a quick turnaround for Blink-182 who just released their successful California album last year.

In other band news, Tom DeLonge will be directing a new movie called Strange Times. It’s based on a graphic novel that takes place in San Diego and involves skateboarders and aliens.

“I grew up in Southern California as a disaffected young skateboarder who broke the occasional law or five, and I was always dreaming about the world around me, obsessively looking for the more unusual and imaginative experiences that life has to offer. That’s the inspiration behind Strange Times, which is about the tribe of broken youth and the restless spirit that inspired me to form Blink-182 and seek out adventure.”

DeLonge expects his band Angels and Airwaves to commit to the soundtrack.