Def Leppard Make Bold Kurt Cobain Claim


Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen discussed Kurt Cobain in a new Eddie Trunk Podcast interview.

“That whole Seattle scene, particularly Kurt Cobain, it felt the same as when punk came around.

“The first time I heard the Sex Pistols for the first time, it just turned the music industry on its head.

“And I feel as though Kurt Cobain did that, and all the legends, they’re all about that, like people that really inspired me or influenced me.”

He also discussed the difference between an acoustic and an electric kit.

“As a kid, like nine or 10 years old, the thing that really inspired me was just being able to sit behind an acoustic drum set, and it’d be immediate gratification.

“I didn’t have to plug anything in, I didn’t have to switch anything on, I didn’t have to put anything in my ears other than maybe some earplugs.

“So the acoustic kit is basically in my DNA in a way where I just sit behind the thing, and it just feels natural – it feels like I’m a kid again.

“Whereas the Ferrari, as I call it, which is basically designed to compete with very loud guitars in Def Leppard world, and that was a bit more of a learning curve.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.