Post Malone’s Producer Chooses New Artist


Dustin Schumacher formerly of the Grungy Alternative band, Inner Temple has re-invented himself in a huge way after suffering the loss of the Inner Temple gang after they called it quits two years ago.

Now going by ‘Exel,’ Dustin has gained tons of notoriety from huge names in the music industry ever since his musical direction has taken a brand new turn.

Exel recently released a new song called ‘Good’ which draws lots of dark energy into it by bridging together a Grungy vocal performance with dark-pop beats while still staying in an Alternative vein. All of these sounds then intertwine together to create a very unique sound that is ever-so haunting and extremely catchy.

Diving deeper into the creation of the brooding track, it’s noted that Post Malone and Mac Miller’s (along with countless other artist’s) former producer, Sauce Lord Rich did the production work on the track which is an incredible feat for Exel to have achieved.

The track sounds like what you would expect from someone of Sauce Lord Rich’s caliber – a hit. You can hear how the two melted together various genres to create something new while Schumacher (Exel) still plays to his roots in Alternative music as his vocals create vast landscapes of harmonies in the background of the song while the vocals upfront are smooth and smoky.

Exel is heading in an exciting direction. This molding that he has done to bend genres is incredible work that sounds effortless for him. Exel’s newest song, ‘Good,’ is sure to bring in fans from all over the musical spectrum and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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