Tool Rumored Movie With Massive Name Revealed


Tool were rumored to be filming some shows on their fall 2019 ‘Fear Inoculum’ North American tour, according to a fan on Reddit, with some talks of Netflix being involved. This is just hearsay right now, as there hasn’t been any concrete proof. Maynard James Keenan’s hilarious shot at Tool fans was recently revealed.

David Casey said on YouTube, “I was at this show on the floor right beside the sound boards. Just a heads up, you all heard it here first. NETFLIX was filming this show, and probably all the others on this tour.”

Tendeuchen wrote on Reddit, “1) Tool probably was filming it. 2) Someone in the Tool film crew likes Netflix and put a sticker on their video camera.” Icantpickaname said, “I remember someone posted about an earlier show this tour being filmed by “Netflix ” on this sub. Ain’t getting my hopes up though.”

Tomaszpie92 posted, “There were reports from other shows of Netflix crew. Hard to believe since a lot more camera folks would have normally been spotted but I think it is very possible we see something pop up eventually.”

Avalonfogdweller chimed in, “I could be wrong, but usually if performances are being professionally filmed, there’s disclaimers around the venue saying that by attending you are giving permission for your likeness being used, in the event that someone from the crowd gets a second of screen time, they can’t come crying for money.”

Rdp3186 said, “Nearly all concerts are filmed at some point during a run. A lot of that footage is used for b-rolls and portfolio work for the different production companies that design the show.

Not to shoot down the validity of a Netflix concert, cause that would be awesome, but this is way more common than you think.”

Prgrms wrote, “They’ve never done it before. Given their stance on video recording at shows also I think they prefer people come see them rather than watch a show on TV. I could see Adam going for a stereoscopic VR type presentation, maybe 3D glasses. But certainly not a run of the mill recording. Still, I’ve been impressed with their adjustment to the market this album, embracing streaming and doing limited physical releases etc. you feel like they’ve got someone smart on board in that department this time round, so anything could happen.”

Overloadrages commented, “I mean Tool def has cameras recording somethings. Hopefully we can see this footage some day.” Maynard James Keenan was injured at a Tool show last week.

Excuse me, WTF?! Found this on a video of Aenema played in DC, those who went there saw someone filming professionally? I hope my man is not trolling me hard, but whatever 😅 from r/ToolBand