Josh Homme Ripped Off Queens of the Stone Age Classic?


Ex-Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri revealed that Josh Homme got some parts of “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” from another band in a new Songfacts interview.

“Josh said he was walking down the road and he heard it in his head, like a list of things. But I believe he got it from a band called the Subhumans. There was a song on a record called Worlds Apart [part of a song entitled “Apathy”]. It’s not stolen from, but it’s definitely an ‘inspired by.’ It’s a list of things like that on it.

It’s a great song. Fantastic. I think the drumbeat was a Josh idea. The bass follows that drumbeat, and I don’t know who came up with putting the kick in between the march, but wow, did it turn out cool. For a two-note song, it’s quite amazing. I think it’s a great song.”

Oliveri also discussed his future plans in the music business, “We did two new Stöner records. Totally is one of them that just came out. And we did a second one called Boogie Down To Baja, which I don’t know when it’s going to come out. And I just finished 28 songs – which is two records – with the Dwarves.

And I plan on doing a new Mondo record coming up, because we’re going to have some time off from Stöner coming up here in 2023. The beginning part of it, we’re going to take some time for some personal things and I’m going to do some Mondo stuff. Going to get that up and running and do some touring. I’m trying to stay as busy as possible, stay out there.”