Deftones Singer Was Attacked At Bar By Rock Icon


A hot headed attitude will get you far on the stage, but how well does it do for you off the stage? That’s the question that Peter Steele had to ask himself as he was very known for having no issues in banging it out when he felt the need to do so.

Let’s take a step back in time when Type O Negative were heavy on the scene as well as the Deftones at the time with their own brands of heavy and distorted droning guitars and vocals. Enter the scene according to Darren Eggleston who was the former radio promoter for the Deftones.

Eggleston states on the ‘Change In The House Of Pods‘ podcast: “Deftones were second to last and Type O Negative was headlining…. There were a slew of bands, and the common denominator was: it’s 115 [degrees] and everybody’s fucked up. I mean everybody’s hammered. So it’s zombie-land by the time Deftones hit the stage…. It’s a war of attrition.”

He continues: “Fans started to not feel super great from the combination of partying and heat, so after a few songs, [Moreno] invited fans up to the stage. Thousands of kids poured up the aisle, and they’re working their way to the stage. And then they started climbing on the stage, and one of the curtains, somebody lit it on fire. It was a riot.”

It must be said that all the bands were staying in the same hotel, and allegedly this is where Steele butted heads with Chino. Because of the fire, “Type O Negative never went on [and] they were p***ed. The big f****ng frontman [Steele] punched Chino in the bar, and it was a big melee.”

All of this said that this battle should have been seen from a mile away when Peter Steele is feeling himself that night and ready to throw down. Special thanks to Metal Injection.