Red Hot Chili Peppers Singer Forgetting Lyrics?


If you were to ask any musician what one of their biggest fears are onstage, you would get a bunch of different answers, but one theme that would be a trend is something along the lines of messing up or forgetting a part. Anthony Kiedis seems to have figured this out and in a pretty intelligent fashion.

Anthony and the rest of the Red Hot Chili Peppers know how many hits they have made. Now, along with the amount of hits that they have made, they have also made countless other songs that are rather slept on. The band likes to shake up their setlist from time to time. At some shows, it’ll be just all hit songs. At other shows, it’ll be a mixed bag of hits to non-hits ratio.

Due to how many songs the band has written, Anthony Kiedis started implementing a teleprompter on the stage which he can look down at. Maybe this is the first time that someone has taken a photo of such, but not many bands are known for pulling off this little magic trick. Most of the time, you’ll know when someone forgets a line in their song when they either clap or hold the mic out to the crowd to carry the song forward. Hopefully, the crowd knows the song enough to sing in unison.

No one can really blame Anthony and the fans of the band over at Reddit agree on this. The general consensus is that of the one stated above where as to say that the band just has so many songs that it makes sense that once in a while, you would need a little help from your friends. This friend just happens to have a big screen that of one you would see at your local bar on karaoke night.


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