Delyn Grey Wins The War With Epic “Battle”


If goose bumps and deep feelings of understanding are your thing… you can’t miss Canadian artist Delyn Grey’s latest song entitled, “Battle.” This is a work of art in every sense of the word.

Grey’s hymn about the reality of battling with depression is not just backed up with solid music that plays like a calm wind over ocean waves, the deep feeling of her vocals is enough to make anyone feel just a touch of her experiences along the way.

She boldly croons as a person battling with a life clouded by depression. Her bravery shows that the edge is always hanging nearby. The threats are always there. She sings of being in a dark, cold place, in solitude. She prays to get over those thoughts and feelings quickly. But as low as she can feel, she is always mindful that those times will pass.

The poetry is deep. The message is bold. The honesty is apparent. The presentation is flawless.

Any lover of powerful and meaningful music will appreciate this effort. I listened to this over and over again, and every time I was even more impressed with the power and continuity of this talented artist, and the millions of people that battle with depression will be able to relate to her in ways that a fan can rarely connect with the artist.

Her velvety voice and haunting opening captures the attention of the listener, setting the scene for the heart of the song. As the rhythm starts to build, it becomes apparent that this is not just any singer. Her power is undeniable. Her feeling is easy to sense. She knows the battle intimately and that strength carries through the entire work.

Grey has said that she wants her music to be fearless. While “Battle” was an outlet for her to vent her deepest feelings, she cares about the quality of the music and wants to create a new sound. She wants listeners to think, “Wow- That was heavy.”

One last comment from this reviewer Delyn: Wow- that was heavy.