Linkin Park New Album Release Photos Leak


There had been talks that Linkin Park’s Meteora 20th anniversary album will be released in 2023. It has come to light that Mike Shinoda revealed that “2023 is going to be an exciting year” and it has been confirmed for “Meteora 20th.” He also revealed that “things that are…of interest to you”

Now, the picture of album cover and the tracklist have been possibly revealed.

Check out the pictures below:

Meanwhile, the band is gearing up for a celebration of their 2003 album Meteora. Linkin Park has reskinned their website to look like an old-school PC. If you click on the error message in the center, the “computer” crashes and eventually “reboots” with a countdown to five days from now. Below the countdown is an “error” message that reads “DETECTED_MEMORY_CORRUPTION_LiNkiNgPaRk-nUmB.exe.”

Linkin Park has been on a hiatus after the band frontman Chester Bennington passed away by suicide at age 41 in July, 2017. Five years have passed since his tragic death and 21st July marked the fifth year in 2022. His sister Tobi Bennington took to her Instagram account and posted a picture that saw her with her ‘Chaz.’ She wrote that the ‘truth’ will come out about his death.

Meanwhile, to commemorate the five-year anniversary of his death, the Linkin Park frontman’s widow shared a heartfelt TikTok about the last time she kissed Chester. Machine Gun Kelly also paid tribute to Chester Bennington at his show in London’s Wembley Arena on October 1, last year.

In 2017, Machine Gun Kelly was supposed to open for LP on the North American leg of their 2017 world tour after performing with them in Poland on the band’s One More Light world tour; the outing was canceled following Bennington’s passing.

During his gig, MGK addressed the audience to say:

“The last time I saw him was here in Europe, so I encourage you, because life is short, to go live this life. I know it’s hard, man. I know this shit is f***ing hard. But nights like tonight make life worth it.”

The artist then performed “Glass House”, where the lyrics address several late artists, one of which is Chester. Kelly’s next show is at Birmingham, England’s Utilita Arena on Tuesday night (October 4).