Dinosaur Eyelids’ Left Turn On Red Is Incredible Treat For Tool & A Perfect Circle Fans


Dinosaur Eyelids waste no time in kicking you right in the ass from the word go on their latest album, Left Turn On Red. “Day Zero”, the crushing, anthemic banger that kicks off the eleven song set erupts right before your ears. Grooving riffs soaked in a sea of fuzz and dirt pulsate over an absolutely swinging rhythm section. The track’s opening line, “I was on fire….” plays off like a declaration statement- because make no mistake about it- Dinosaur Eyelids are on fire from that opening line all the way through the close of the album. And we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Pinpointing an exact genre for Dinosaur Eyelids is a difficult task- and honestly, an unfair one. The band’s trademark sound is more an amalgamation of a variety of rock styles. In a world where we may just be waiting a literal 10,000 days for a new album, hearing the obvious influence of Manyard James Keenan’s mysterious, haunting vocals is a welcome surprise. The early aughts provided music fans with no shortage of garage rock. Hell- even classic, legendary bands adopted some of the garage-rock motif (looking at you Rolling Stones). Dinosaur Eyelids sound like a garage band beefed up with thicker guitars with sustain on high and an energy level more akin to some of the pop-punk attitude that encompassed late 90’s Warped Tour bills.

Five albums into their career, Dinosaur Eyelids have perfected their art and launched their to-date masterpiece into the ethos. There are a lot of good ways to listen to an album. But with Left Turn on Red, it is the perfect companion while driving. The unexpected musical twists and turns leave you guessing but never disappointed. For an album with left turn in its title, the amount of left turns musically is nothing short of fantastic. The album plays like a great homage to all the band’s favorite bands while continuing their path towards creating a sound all their own.

It’s a tricky feat to remain versatile while staying within your sound. And when a band can expand their horizons effortlessly, you see the true potential of  the band brought to fruition. “No Money Blues”, the harmonica-heavy, laid back burner is the standout track of the album. If you ever wanted to hear a band go from sounding like Powerman 5000 to Blues Traveler on the same album, Left Turn on Red will make all your musical dreams come true.