Myles Kennedy Reveals What Slash Told Him About New Album


Earlier today, Alternative Nation had the chance to interview Myles Kennedy over the phone about his upcoming solo record Year of the Tiger. The full interview will be published on Alternative Nation soon.

Myles Kennedy is known for singing for Alter Bridge and Slash and the Conspirators. When asked about the differences between putting out a solo record and releasing an album with a band, he said:

“Though I really enjoyed writing on my own and exploring things that I normally wouldn’t approach in the realm of Alter Bridge or Slash and the Conspirators, it was certainly a massive challenge, and I felt like it really helped me evolve as a songwriter. So in that sense, I was very pleased with the process. Any time I get to evolve, I’m excited.”

When asked if he had always thought about doing a solo album:

“Yeah I did, it was something I’ve wanted to do for probably 15 years. In the back of my mind I knew that that was something that would be helpful for me in a number of ways. I think the idea of stripping things down and painting over a different kind of canvas as a singer was something that intrigued me.”

Later, he was asked if Slash had made any comments about Year of the Tiger.

“Yeah, I think when the title track came out he reached out and was very complimentary and very supportive. That meant a lot to me, I thought it was really nice of him and I really appreciated it.”