Ed Kowalczyk Reveals New Album To Live Fans?


Ed Kowalczyk and the rest of the Live crew were a very integral part of the mid to late 1990’s “post-grunge” era. Live was one of those bands that didn’t try to be anything but themselves and for that, fans really appreciated their work because it felt very honest, unlike many other bands that were happening at the time after bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam had either ended totally or started to slow down.

Now, so many years later, Ed Kowalczyk looks to be ready to release some more music. Ed has had a decent solo run in the past, but it’s been a little while since we heard Ed’s vocal work. It looks like the wait is about to be over as a leak has just hit the scene in a huge way.

This song that we are hearing about won’t be an original one from Ed or the rest of the Live band. This song is a collaborative effort with Ed also being involved. In fact, it’s also a cover song.

The band Strange Majik called in Ed Kowalczyk to help with a cover of The Temptations song ‘Ball Of Confusion’. This track goes back many years and has always been a favorite of that era, so it will be really unique to see how Ed and Strange Majik flip it around to make it their own.

Ed has always been known for his great vocal work, so the track really shouldn’t be any less than great. Many fans are awaiting the drop to come and everyone is really hopeful for how this song turns out with everyone involved on it.

Below, you can read more details on the song and what is going on with it as we all await for the song to officially come out and see what it truly has to offer. Thanks to Fans Of Live forums for this. In another major update, one forum post states that Ed is making a brand new solo album with help from Majik.

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