Foo Fighters Icon ‘Had Outburst’ Against Dave Grohl


William Goldsmith has been speaking up lately about a feud that he and Dave Grohl had at one point which has had many fans taking sides.

On one side, you have Dave Grohl who is looked at as the ‘nicest guy in rock music’ and on the other hand you have William Goldsmith, who has been known for his remarks about Grohl in the past.

Fans are now split down the middle, because it’s hard to believe that Dave Grohl could have any ill-will or ill feelings towards anyone at all. William, on the other hand, has pointed at the fact that the idea of Dave Grohl isn’t actually the reality of Dave Grohl.

Via a podcast appearance on Conan Neutron’s Protonic Reversal show, William has had a lot to say about Dave Grohl, his time in the Foo Fighters, and the possibility of Dave being a reason why a Sunny Day Real Estate album was shelved.

William had stated on the podcast previously that Grohl isn’t that great to work for in his opinion as he also hinted at Dave Grohl’s public image being a façade. William is now speaking on his outburst that he once had about Dave Grohl where he smeared him a bit in the media.

William stated on the podcast, as transcribed by Alternative Nation: “It’s a weird situation, it would be nice to have a conversation to not have it be sort of like – dealt with in an unhealthy outburst on my part or whatever….”

Conan steps in: “Have it be sensationalized.”

William closes: “Yeah! That’s what really sucks. It’s like someone misunderstood what you said, but I was f*****g p***ed at the time, but that was my fault. I didn’t use the best words. I can be a little rough around the edges sometimes, I’ll admit it, but when you clarify it and people are still like ‘Oh, no, the problematic one, let’s do the problematic one.'”

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