Tool Major Metallica Bombshell Revealed In Leak


Tool have hired a website designer who works with Metallica as they prepare to release their long awaited new album, a fan has leaked on the Tool Reddit after viewing the relaunched website’s source code.

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett dropped a bombshell recently, hinting that the new Tool album is done based on a conversation he recently had with guitarist Adam Jones.

The Jay and Dunc Show asked if he had advice on how Tool can finally release their new album since Metallica already have 10. Tool have only released 4 studio albums, with the most recent being 2006’s 10,000 Days.

Hammett said, “Well last time I talked to Adam, he was working on the artwork.”

ITguy2013 posted:

In the view source on the website, we can now see a website designer portion has been stringed in, which is tied to RHCP and others:

Designed & Developed by Lucid Design Concepts—[\](http://luciddesignconcepts.comhttp)

Visiting the link, we can see that the designer is tied to plenty of major companies and artists websites, such as Disney, Justin Timberlake, Converse, Metallica, Beyonce etc. Nothing super exciting to learn from this, other than changes are definitely being worked on. 🙂 Website migrations can take a significant amount of time, especially if its for a whole cluster of websites. Just going to have to be patient ya’ll.


He later posted:

I want to say I am hopeful, but it will not surprise me at all if the website comes back up exactly the same afterwards. Website migrations can take an extended period of time, depending on how extensive. If they are moving everything to a different dedicated or virtualized environment, depending on their topology design, it can take a long time. Especially if databases were involved with the move. Seeing as they have had little updates on the site, with not a whole lot of content since it was revised, it wouldn’t surprise me that they are simply taking their time because there is no rush at getting it right back up.

Small change – Website Source Update from r/ToolBand