Eddie Van Halen Last Call To David Lee Roth Revealed


David Lee Roth was able to speak to Eddie Van Halen on the phone before his death, Dave’s Dreidel of VHLinks.com is reporting.

Dave’s Dreidel said, “Seems like Ed was able to connect with Sam via text. Thank God for that. I know they had a lot of issues, but I’m happy for both of them they could at least put away the animosity a little bit at the end.

It is my understanding the DLR was able to talk to Ed by phone earlier in the week and say their goodbyes. That had to be fucking tough, for both of them. I hope Mike got included in it as well.”

A Van Halen bassist recently reacted to a sad David Lee Roth tweet. Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony released a tribute video on Thursday as they rehearse for a PPV performance on Catalina Island next week to celebrate Sammy’s birthday.

Hagar and Anthony were clearly emotional, saying that while they will sadly never perform with Eddie again, the music they created with him will live on. Sammy said he plans on singing songs he wrote with Van Halen as long as he can.

At the end of the video, Sammy asked for a moment of silence on stage before performing “Right Now.” Anthony was clearly emotional and tearing up just before the performance of “Right Now” started.