Pearl Jam & Smashing Pumpkins Tour Dates Leak?


Pearl Jam’s rumored Europe Tour dates for 2024 has come to light with rumors on the Ten Club board, including festival performances with Smashing Pumpkins. Check it out below:

June /July
Firenze Rocks – June 16th
Unknown Italian City – Date Unknown
Dublin – Marlay Park June 22th
Manchester – June 25th
London – June 27th and 29th or June 28th and 29th
Berlin – Heard 2 different double dates from 2 different sources (Jul 1 and 2 or Jul 3 and 4)
Belgium (Rock Wertcher Festival) – July 5th (heard July 4th)
Barcelona – 2 dates (unknown dates)
Madrid (Mad cool Festival) – July 10th/11th/12th/13th
Lisbon (Nos alive Festival) – July 11/th or 13th (if smashing pumkins are headliners) Madrid and lisbon could change days between them due to logistics
Berlin – July 15th and 17th

Meanwhile, despite being one of Pearl Jam’s biggest songs – not to mention a staple of their live setlist since its release in 1991 – the intro of Alive has eluded guitarist Mike McCready until now. He doesn’t know how to play the track’s intro because Stone Gossard handles that part, he explains.

In a recent episode of Chris Shiflett’s Shred With Shifty, McCready was asked to walk the audience through the solo from the band’s debut single. However, when Shiflett asked him to play the intro, things took a turn.

“Stone [Gossard] does that so I don’t know how to do it”, McCready says, before attempting to play the first few bars.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever played it,” he exclaims. “I can’t wait to tell Stone I’ve almost figured his riff out on your podcast,” the guitarist says with a laugh.

Moreoever, McCready revealed that he was playing his new Mexican-made signature Fender Strat on Pearl Jam’s recent tour.

McCready was seen playing a prototype version of his Roadworn Strat on tour earlier last year, and the finished product later became part of the Pearl Jam show, alongside his favourite 1960 Strat.

“I wanted to make sure I was playing this thing live so I could have the confidence to go, ‘Oh yeah it’s something that’s worth buying’,” says McCready. “I played it on Indifference, I played it on [Yellow] Ledbetter, Daughter… I’ve played it on six other songs. Strat-type songs, just to see if it can hold up to what my real 1960 does. And it does.”