Eddie Van Halen Partied In Hotel With Queen Icon


The former Queen guitarist Brian May recently recollected his “favorite memory” of Eddie Van Halen. It was revealed that it took place at a Queen show.

Brian May elaborates the incident with Eddie Van Halen

Eight years his senior, Brian May first found out about Eddie Van Halen while he himself had already been an established artist. On the other hand Van Halen was on the brink of their massive breakthrough.

It was in 2020, when May recalled how he first saw Van Halen while they were opening for Black Sabbath during the 1978 “Never Say Die Tour!” (when Van Halen famously stole the show from the struggling Sabbath), and how he was “utterly blown away” by EVH’s playing.

In the following years, the two guitarists became close friends and even collaborated on a number of projects together. When asked to name his favorite memory of the late and great Eddie Van Halen in a new interview with Classic Rock, the Queen guitarist doesn’t name the exact time and date when it took place. However, he did highlighted the point how it was also one of the rare times when he had “gotten out of control”:

“I have a lot of favourite memories, but I do remember one time him coming to see us play. We went back to the hotel afterwards. He’d brought a bottle of his favourite drink with him, which I think was Southern Comfort. Anyway, he’s knocking it back, and so I started knocking it back, and I completely lost it.

“The next thing I remember I was on the floor in the bathroom, having fallen down and cracked my head on the wash basin. I don’t even remember going into the bathroom. It’s one of the few times in my life where I’ve gotten out of control.”