Bono Humiliated By Rock Singer: ‘I Waved My Willy’


Possibly the most odd story that has ever come out that involves Bono is one of Shane MacGowan who has admitted that he used to “wave his willy” at passing trains while living in Bono‘s house. Yes, you read that right.

You see, the famous U2 frontman, Bono, has a guest house at his home on the south coast of Dublin, overlooking the bay and the railway line. MacGowan would use this to his advantage and try to get the U2 star in some big trouble.

As said by Shane: “Bono put in a glass roof and wall. I used to wave my willy at the train as it passed and hope that they thought it was Bono’s.”

The Pogues frontman was interviewed alongside his partner, Victoria Mary Clarke, who elaborated further on the story.

Clarke then stated: “Bono was very patient. We had the police round all the time because Shane kept setting off the alarm. Eventually, he asked us to move out.”

Obviously for Bono, it was not easy to have Shane around, but Shane does not hold anything to heavy to his heart when it comes to Bono. All of the fun is in the past and he can’t go back in time to change anything about how things ended up. Even though Bono was not thrilled with the antics that Shane hosted, he did try his hardest to make everything work out to the best of his ability. Sadly, Bono could only take so much before needing to take a big break.

In any respect, at least Bono did try to help out Shane when he needed it most. Thankfully, the two still do talk to one another as they have let the past stay in the past. Shane is still very appreciative of Bono and his friendship.