Eddie Van Halen Son Breaks Silence On Health Scare


Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang Van Halen unloaded on his mother being accused of ‘dropping him on his head’ as a child in a new social media post. Wolfgang was ripped by the hater for going to a Tool show, and he said his father was with him. Eddie Van Halen was kissed by a surprising woman over the weekend.

The hater wrote, “Dude you were raised with your Dad’s awesome music around and you end up listening to industrial crap like Tool. Did your cutie pie mommy Val drop you on your head when you were a baybay?”

Wolfgang responded, “Sorry to burst your pretentious bubble, but my Dad was with me enjoying the show as well. My Grandma must have dropped him on his head too.”

Eddie Van Halen’s goodbye message to a bandmate was revealed last week. Van Halen fans debated Tool on the VHLinks.com forums. Jungle Drummer wrote, “Tool is definitely not for everyone, with all the odd time signatures, lack of backing vocals, and a lot of really long songs that have a bunch of changes and different musical directions. I definitely wouldn’t expect all VH fans, especially ones who prefer the pop melodic rock of Van Hagar, to like them much. They’re probably my 2nd favorite band of all time and definitely the band I’ve played the most, after VH, the last 10 years.”

bklynboy68 said, “Some bands are just not for everyone. Rush is the perfect example of this. You can fill a museum with articles and music reviews of how much they suck. Everything said about Tool was said about them. To each his own.

You can’t argue with success. Look at Bon Jovi, for example. I absolutely think they suck gargantuan King Kong size balls but they’ll fill an arena (he’ll fill, they’re not even a band really anymore).” Heartbreaking Eddie Van Halen text messages were recently revealed.