Eddie Van Halen ‘Goodbye’ Note To Bandmate Revealed


BREAKING UPDATE: Eddie Van Halen’s family have reacted to a ‘painful’ cancer secret.

Eddie Van Halen‘s last words in person, and via social media, to ex-bandmate Sammy Hagar have been revealed in a new Classic Rock Magazine interview with Hagar. An ‘angry’ recent Eddie Van Halen phone call was recently revealed.

“As crazy it as it seems, the last time I spoke directly to them was after the last show on the 2004 reunion tour, the Best Of Both Worlds. We played Tucson, Arizona, and we walked off stage and said: ‘See you later.’ We all got our private planes home, and we never talked again. I’ve tried. I’ve reached out a couple of times.

About three or four years ago I wished Eddie a happy birthday on Instagram, and he got back to me – or his Instagram person did – and said: ‘Hope you’re doing well, thank you.’ And that was it. That’s the way it is.”

Eddie Van Halen’s wife posted a ‘bloated’ new photo recently. Hagar also discussed the record label’s reaction to 5150, “We made that whole 5150 record, and then we invited [Warner Bros Records boss] Mo Ostin, one of the greatest record company presidents in history, down.

They walk in, it’s me on guitar and Eddie on keyboard, and they’re, like: ‘What the fuck are you guys doing?’ But we played Why Can’t This Be Love? live, right there for them. And after we’d done, Mo Ostin raises his finger in the air and says: ‘I smell money!’ When the album came out it went straight to number one. We took that rock’n’roll highway and did it all. And until it turned bad, it was the greatest thing on the planet.”

Brett posted on VHLinks.com recently about Hagar’s relationship with Van Halen, “Listening to Ed right on Stern from ‘06 and man it’s just pathetic. Just happened to be on when I got in the car Besides the nutty cancer talk, the juvenile stuff with Mike and Sam is so sad. They just need to bury the hatchet, especially now. Dave was Cubic Zirconia, Sam was the Little Red Worm, and Mike was Sauce Sobelewski. So dumb.”

Destructo3 also recently defended Wolfgang Van Halen, “Wolf has flashed levels of insane talent on occasion. I don’t think it’s fair to judge him based on his base work trying to fit within VH. We know he can play every instrument, write and can sing. He’s probably a better guitarist than bass player. I’m withholding judgment on him until we see what he’s really capable of. I don’t fault him for wanting to lay low and play the role of the bass player in one of the most iconic bands ever.

We will see when he finally pulls the trigger on the record he recorded. Which I don’t see dropping until Ed is done/unable to play or God forbid, dead. Or if Ed returns healthy, I’m convinced Mike steps back in and Wolf opens. Perfect showcase for his new music. At least that’s my take on everything we know at this point. Don’t underestimate the kid.”

You can read the full interview at Louder Sound.