Tom Petty Daughter Reveals Heroin Party Secret


Tom Petty‘s daughter Annakim Violette Petty has unloaded on a big name regarding heroin, after her father died from a drug overdose (though it didn’t involve heroin directly, but opioids were involved). She wrote on social media, “Ask @josssackler what she is doing for the opioid addicts in fashion ? Since there is a epidemic 7 times bigger than ten years ago. Is she using rail thin heroin chic models? Also the opioid addicts behind the production. I have seen fashion become a massive pill party. Very taboo 🔱 @josssackler I don’t get your line.”

Tom Petty’s daughter revealed a creepy Keith Richards photo a few days ago.

Tom Petty’s Twitter wrote, “Tom’s family, bandmates and friends join with all of you – his incredible and loyal fans – to celebrate what would have been Tom’s 69th birthday this weekend. Here’s to Tom Petty: Songwriter, musician, singer, performer, husband, father and friend.”

Mark Preston tweeted, “Tom Petty would be 69 today. Thank you for influencing the raw spirit of rock music with your classic songs of facing life’s adversities, bold, relatable, meaningful emotions, strong genuine love, and never backing down that will forever inspire human souls everywhere.”

Tom Petty’s family recently revealed a terrifying drug photo. Music Mentor chimed in, “How are you going to celebrate @TomPetty’s birthday this weekend? I’ll be in D.C. for a work conference, but I’m going to watch a live concert with the Heartbreakers & Bob Dylan from their 1986 tour together. That should suffice. Looking forward to it. What a combo! #TomPetty.”

Ken Calvert wrote, “Today would have been Tom Petty’s 69th Birthday. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, formed in 1976. One of his first guitar teachers was Don Felder, a future member of the Eagles. He was also a member of the late 1980s supergroup the Traveling Wilburys. He passed October 2, 2017.”

Jordan said, “Happy birthday to one of the best albums ever. It’s an unapologetic f*ck you to the music industry. It’s a product of being frustrated with injustice. It’s a greatest hits album in itself. Its songwriting is untouchable. It’s one of Tom Petty’s best. It’s Damn the Torpedoes.” Steven Tyler recently called out Tom Petty disrespect.