Eddie Vedder Bad Haircut Stuns Pearl Jam Fans


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder recently filmed a video for The Clemente Museum, where he jokingly mocked his current haircut. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“To all of the people in Pittsburgh who we love, and all the people in Pennsylvania, and everywhere, that we are missing right now, we will get through this. Can I just take this moment to apologize for my haircut? Or lack of? I’ve been social distancing…from the barber. Safety first (laughs)!”

He also said, “I’m here in Seattle wearing my 21 t-shirt that anybody who has seen us play live in the last 6 years or so, this is one of my favorites to wear. Not just because I like it as a shirt, and it feels good, but because of what it represents.

It came from this place that is not only my favorite place in Pittsburgh, my favorite place in Pennsylvania. One of my top three favorite places in the United States of America, and one of my top 5 places on the whole planet Earth, and that is the Clemente Museum.

This place, for those of you don’t know, it is Heaven on earth, especially if you love Roberto Clemente, which I do. If you love baseball, which I do, and then to top it off they make their own wine in the basement. So if you love red wine, which I do, it’s a trifecta unparalleled. It could be one of the greatest nights of your life, to go spend some time there.

So I’m joining part of this wonderful team, part of a family team, all of us who love the museum and support our good friend Dwayne, the proprietor, who has taken incredible care to make an absolutely extraordinary place. It is a powerful place to be, and it fills you with energy.” Eddie Vedder just confirmed a performance with Incubus a few days ago.