Eddie Vedder Bizarre New Surfing Photo Revealed


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill has posted a funny photo of Ed attempting to surf in his backyard

Jill Vedder posted, “#plasticfreewave #keepouroceansclean ??‍♀️.”

Eddie Vedder is an avid surfer, and is friends with legendary surfer Laird Hamilton, who discussed their bond in a 2015 Alternative Nation interview.

In the Iconoclasts show you did with Eddie Vedder, you have an intense conversation about “Post Big-Wave Syndrome,” basically the aftermath of a big accomplishment. How do you recover and get yourself out of that?

Once you became aware of it, that’s half the battle. In the old days I would drink three bottles of red wine and run around like a wild man. (laughs) The first step in any problem is realizing that there is a problem. Then you start to execute a plan. It’s matter of taking care of yourself and paying attention to the basic things like eating well, getting good rest, getting work done and acknowledging that there’s a comedown off of it and then not indulging yourself into the depression but lifting yourself out through taking care of yourself. You have to be aware that you are fatigued and can’t work out as hard as you normally do. You also have to make a conscious effort to treat your family right because you know you are going to be edgy. After a while, you know what to expect and can see it coming so it doesn’t really have as much of an impact as it once did.

How did you and Eddie become friends?

It was through Chris Chelios, who’s a great friend of mine and one of the best American hockey players to ever play. We had a couple of other mutual connections but it was through Chris originally. He had been friends with Eddie and Eddie had the connection to Hawaii as well. Given he’s an artist and I’m an artist in my own way, we hit it off pretty well from the start. We have a friendship and common interest in a lot things.

Are you a big Pearl Jam fan?

Definitely. It’s hard not to be. I’ve used a lot of their songs during some big winters.