Eddie Vedder Bizarre Texts To A-List Star Revealed


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was recently interviewed by Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon and radio color man Ron Coomer on local radio station, 670 The Score. Here, Vedder discusses a text exchange with Cubs duo. Vedder’s wife recently called out a ‘shameful’ big name. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Coomer: Today Eddie [Vedder] was in town for the weekend, he had a party to go to, he had a little wedding yesterday and we hijacked him into coming out so Eddie thank you for coming out.

Vedder: Appreciate it.

Coomer: Always a good time to come to Wrigley Field.

Vedder: You know, you texted and asked if I would join you and Joe [Maddon] on the air. I thought it would be the three of us in a little room, quiet. I didn’t know that it would be Maddonpalooza.

[Coomer laughs]

Maddon: Wembley Stadium?

Vedder: Yeah, it’s a big crowd.

Coomer: Well, you’re just coming off tour, so I’m guessing that you’re accustomed to the crowds, just a guess?

Vedder: I’m still appreciating the crowds, yeah. Two more days of this and I’d have to be a recluse again.

Maddon: Well he just came back from Europe, he’s all over Europe including with The Who at Wembley Stadium which was the last gig. What we do, when he’s on the road we stay in touch pretty well – I send him photographs that of the next venue Ed’s going to work and we go back and forth. I send him the lineup too so this guy knows exactly what’s going on all the time.