Paul McCartney Drops The Police Reunion Bombshell


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney recently discussed his famous Amoeba Music gig, and claimed he did it because The Police were in Los Angeles for a reunion show at Dodger Stadium. McCartney played with Sting in the past. Ringo Starr sadly disrespecting Paul McCartney was recently revealed.

McCartney told his social media team, “Well, the idea originally came from Scott, my manager. He said that the night you’re playing in Los Angeles, the night you’re going to be there, The Police – the band – are also in town playing at the big Dodgers stadium… or somewhere. He said if you’re going to get noticed, you might want to do something unusual. So, I went, ‘Oh great, that’s my kind of thinking!’ I’m not sure if he suggested it, but the idea came up to play this great, iconic record shop in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard.

And I knew the shop as I’ve been there to buy records and It’s one of those that pride themselves in having anything you want. And on vinyl, lots of old vinyl. So, because of that, because it’s got such a great vibe, I said, ‘Can we play there?’ And the answer was, ‘Yeah, you can! There are certain groups, mainly up and coming, that play there. Just like a showcase thing. But there is a little stage, a very little one!’ Again, I like that kind of stuff. We often do that, going back to the roots and playing in a small venue.”

Big name singer Lewis Capaldi has posted a new FaceApp photo where he claims to look like a ‘really ill’ Paul McCartney. The Beatles icon is in great health fortunately, just completing his massive North American ‘Freshen Up’ tour. A Red Hot Chili Peppers member recently revealed a sad Paul McCartney remark he was told.

Capaldi tweeted about The Beatles icon, “I look like Paul McCartney if he was really ill.” McCartney was recently photographed kissing a male rock icon.