Eddie Vedder Confirms Huge AC/DC Singing Offer


Eddie Vedder discussed Bruce Springsteen correcting his vocal phrasing when they performed “Darkness on the Edge of Town” live together more than 10 years ago. In February 2014 at a show in Brisbane, Australia, the iconic Pearl Jam singer was also invited onstage by Springsteen to sing an AC/DC classic. Eddie Vedder discussed being ‘in denial’ about Chris Cornell’s death yesterday.

Vedder recalled Springsteen’s request, “’Hey, Ed! I’ve got an idea! Here’s the deal. All right. First song: AC/DC, Highway to Hell. You take a verse, I take a verse, and then you’re done. You can drink beer, you can do whatever you want. None of this encore shit. You don’t have to wait around. First song, hit it with me, and you’re good to go!’

The best part of when you get to do that isn’t actually playing it in front of people. The best part is when you’re sitting in the back, either with Pete Townshend, or Bruce, or Neil [Young], right across the small table or sitting on the same couch, playing the song and hearing them sing.”

Eddie Vedder discussed the ‘shame’ he felt after Scott Weiland’s death as well. Vedder also discussed giving Bradley Cooper advice for A Star Is Born. “We just hung out for a couple of days, and he just asked me a few questions and I told him things like, you know, ‘Make sure your guitar covers your balls at all times,'” he shared.

Stern asked, “Is that important?”

“Well, I think sometimes the guitar gets a little high. It looks more like a bib.”

“If you really thought this through, because you have to have the talk and say, ‘Look, there’s a few movies out there on surfing, a few movies out there on rock ’n roll. None of them get it right. You’re putting yourself on the line here. I don’t think anyone can pull it off.’

“I will admit the first time he asked if we would come down to see it, on the way over, I’m thinking of all the ways I could let him down nicely, you know? I want to be honest, but how do I…? So, I was a little nervous. And I tell you, when I saw it, I just was—I was just f—ing blown away. It just took me there, and what he can do with his eyes and what [Cooper and Lady Gaga] did together and then Sam Elliott. It really took me there. I’m getting chills right now.”