Van Halen React To Sammy Hagar & David Lee Roth Tour


Wolfgang Van Halen has shot down a fan who claims he wants to see a ‘Van Dave’ and ‘Van Hagar’ tour after the tragic death of the late Eddie Van Halen. The fan also said he wouldn’t want to see Wolfgang Van Halen involved. Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth toured together in 2002, without the Van Halen moniker, though Michael Anthony was featured. Sammy Hagar reacted to the idea of an Eddie Van Halen tribute concert a few days ago.

The fan said, “Your an idiot. Saying a reunion is ‘hurting my family’ is crybaby bs. The fans want Van Hagar or Van Dave, not you. STFU douchebag!!! You will never have as much talent as even one of Valerie’s late ex-husbands guitar picks!”

Wolfgang responded, “Here’s that attention you asked for. Also, go fuck yourself.”

He added, “Been off for awhile. Apparently not long enough. When stupid rumors make it to me outside of this social media hellhole I thought it was important enough to clarify that it was bullshit. Sorry for the clarity, everyone. I’m out.”

Wolfgang later responded to Us Weekly publishing a false interview with Valerie Bertinelli, his mother.

“Fuck this, and fuck you @usweekly. The only thing printed in this piece of toilet paper that’s true is that we all loved my father.

This is not a new interview. My mother did not speak to them for this. That is all.”

David Lee Roth released his new song with John 5 “Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar & Grill” as a tribute to Eddie Van Halen on Saturday. Sammy Hagar apologized for posting an Eddie Van Halen photo yesterday.