Eddie Vedder Cries At Show For Devastating Reason


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder gave a touching speech about Chris Cornell and his family at a recent show in Dusseldorf before covering “Seasons,” and a fan named PeArLgOoNeR is claiming he saw Vedder cry at the show.

“I’ll take a PJ show over an Ed solo show any day, but this was special..!

When he walked on stage he looked super serious and kinda tired.. Then Long Road started and it was clear why he was so serious.. Then LBC and while that song is better, musically, with a full band, this was another magic moment..! Through both songs it was obvious that Roskilde is a wound that will never heal.. Ed had tears in his eyes throughout these songs..

The middle part of the show was what an Eddie show is.. Real fucking good, but not quite PJ..Then Seasons rolled on by.. I got goosebumps like I haven’t had in forever.. So raw.. So emotional.. So focused!

And then a tearful Eddie left stage and the show was over.. Such a ‘weird’ ending.. You just wanted to hug him! Thank God he has Glen! A night I’ll never forget.”

1. Red Limo improv-Even Flow (no Ed)
2. Long Road with Red Limo
3. Love Boat Captain
4. Around The Bend
5. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
6. I Won’t Back Down-(Lynne, Petty)
7. Just Breathe with Red Limo
8. Wishlist
9. Off He Goes
10. I Am Mine
11. Soon Forget
12. Far Behind
13. Long Nights with Glen Hansard & Red Limo
14. Rise with Red Limo
15. Black with Glen Hansard & Red Limo
16. Unthought Known
17. Porch
18. Red Limo improv-Alive (no Ed)
19. I’m So Tired-(Fugazi)
20. Corduroy with Red Limo
21. Last Kiss-(Cochran)
22. Imagine-(Lennon)
23. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) with Red Limo
24. Song Of Good Hope-(Hansard) with Glen Hansard & Red Limo
25. Society-(Hannan) with Glen Hansard & Red Limo
26. Hard Sun-(Peterson) with Glen Hansard & Red Limo
27. Seasons-(Cornell) with Red Limo