Eddie Vedder Details Huge Tour With Alice In Chains


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder discussed touring with Alice In Chains at the MoPOP Founders’ Awards. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments about Pearl Jam touring as Mookie Blaylock in their early days with Alice In Chains.

“Hey it’s Ed Vedder here, thinking about you all, and this great occasion, the Founders’ Award, you deserve the recognition.

Also one thing I have to thank you for is all those years ago is there was a band with five guys in it, ten songs, and they didn’t even have a band name, and you took us on the road with you, and you took us on our first tour.

Thank you for that, thank you for taking Mookie Blaylock on the road with you. Those early tours, those are the ones you never forget. I wanted to thank you for the music, thank you for your resilience, and I just want to say it’s about time that you are now institutionalized (laughs).”

Eddie Vedder has had a longtime bond with Alice In Chains and its members, inviting Layne Staley and Mad Season to perform on Self-Pollution Radio in January 1995. Vedder later penned a tribute song to Staley called “4/20/02” about the day he and the world learned that Layne had died.