Eddie Vedder Disrespected In Bathroom By Baseball Player


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was recently interviewed by former Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon and radio color man Ron Coomer on local radio station, 670 The Score. Here, Vedder responds to a bizarre story about Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster, told by fellow Cubs player Jon Lester.  Alternative Nation transcribed their comments

Coomer: Go ahead Eddie, of all the storytellers in all the world, I’ve listened to you, of all the songs you’ve written –

Vedder: Yeah no, it scarred me too. I’m just getting over it now that I’ve heard that story. 

Coomer: He’s no longer invited to Pearl Jam shows. [laughter]

Vedder: Okay, I was in a bar, Stanley’s. I don’t think it’s still standing. It’s kind of late, there are not that many people left in the bar. I’m using part of the restroom and I hear from the booth thing, the stall, it’s closed but I hear a voice going: “Ed, Ed is that you?” I go: “Yeah.” and ask who it is. He goes: “It’s Demp [Ryan Dempster] hey open up the stall and check this out!”


Vedder: I open up the stall and there he was, stark naked, standing on the thing doing a little dance. I screamed like a woman and ran back to the safety of the jukebox. Yeah, I can’t just figure out how quickly he was able to disrobe and then where did the clothes go?

Coomer: Right?!

Lester: I sat down next to him, there were no clothes. 

Vedder: It’s like he’s hidden them somewhere on himself.

Lester: I’m in a suit, I’m hanging that on my seat, like I don’t want to get that wrinkled. 

Coomer: Wait until he comes on next.

Lester: Don’t worry, we might get naked when he gets in here.