Ed Kowalczyk Banned From Performing By Live?


It was recently reported that Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk hinted at the fact that the iconic alternative rock group, known for such beloved hits as “Selling The Drama” and “All Over You are allegedly and reportedly no more.” In an update to that story, the frontman, who most recently was reportedly planning music of his own, would provide the following statement on social media via Instagram where he would proclaim that should he go forward with such an effort, the band would most likely sue. Kowalczyk also mentions in the statement that while he would like to perform that multiple original bandmates are not on proper speaking terms with each other. The full post can be viewed below.

“I would love to perform – but it’s not possible in the current situation with the band – the three other original members are not speaking to each other – and I am stuck in the middle – and if I try to solo, there is a good chance they will sue me again – so I have to do what’s best for me and my family and stay out of litigation by not not performing in public at all. Hopefully, things change but until then I have to lay low.”

He also said he’s not writing songs anymore, “Honestly, I’ve been so depressed over this, I haven’t picked up a guitar for years – I tried hard but it wasn’t enough – in the end, they got what they wanted, I’m probably done.”

Throwing Copper has generally been regarded as Live’s best album, having sold over 8 million copies and certified 8× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. During an interview that took place back in 2020, Kowalczyk recollected the then 25th anniversary of the iconic and legendary album as well as what it was like to perform those same songs twenty-five years later. Credit to Forbes for the following quote.

“It’s an incredible feeling because we have the feeling of course of all the gratitude and excitement of getting back together and reuniting as brothers and letting the past go and all of that. Then the fact that the record still matters so much to us and fans? I’ve had lots of fans say that the record means just as much or more to them now than it used to because they’re older and they’re wiser. Now, it’s like pinch me every night out here. It’s great.”