Eddie Vedder Encourages Donald Trump To Play Ukulele


At the Ohana Festival on Saturday, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder discussed Donald Trump before performing “Soon Forget.” He said he was worried about the Presidential candidate’s mental health, and thought he needed a ukulele. He said it’s very easy to learn, even if you have ADD. He also said it was an instrument brought over by immigrants. Vedder then mocked Trump’s ‘little hands.’ He also said seeing the sunset at the beach that day, where the concert was taking place, reminded him of Trump. It was bright orange, and it was going down.

At Pearl Jam’s show in Toronto in May, Eddie Vedder Donald Trump before performing “Soon Forget” on ukulele. Alternative Nation transcribed Vedder’s comments regarding Trump.

“Now this song was written about a wealthy guy who is a miserable fuck, and just made you feel embarrassed to be a human when you saw what he did with his good fortune. It wasn’t written about anybody in particular, it was more of a general theory on rich fucks that are completely out of touch with the people that they work with, or the people in our communities. But now I realize it’s exactly about Donald Trump. I hope you appreciate how good you’ve got it here in Toronto, north of the border. I mean just think once next January comes around, at that point in January, then you will have the coolest leader in the free world: intelligent, handsome, focused on climate change.

There’s one page in Trump’s book you might want to take, let’s say the worst happens, I don’t even want to think about it, but for the sake of the comment let’s say that nasty orangutan were to [win]. You guys might want to think about building a wall to keep us out. I thought maybe I could move up here, we would all have to come so we could practice. In honor of Rush and to fit in, I would change my name to Geddy Vedder. I hope the song title is appropriate to the guy I mentioned before, and that he’s someone that we soon forget.”