Eddie Vedder Family Unloads On Big Name After Rape Bombshell


Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill Vedder has unloaded on the state of Alabama’s government after the state’s near total abortion ban. The legislation makes no exceptions for victims or rape or incest.

“My blood is boiling this morning … no choice even with incest and rape ?? 😡 What the actual F@&K😡 donating to @plannedparenthood immediately. (🗣 @narvaez_art ) #mybodymychoice.”

“To the male politicians who voted against women’s right to choose 🖕🏼”

She also recently shared a Global Citizen post, “On Mother’s Day, people around the world devote the day to the women who brought them into this world. In truth, we should honor moms every day of the year for their incredible feats. Bringing life into the world and raising healthy, happy children is no easy task. More than 800 women and girls die every single day of pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications and each day more than 7,000 newborn babies fail to make it through their 24 hours in the world.

Many, if not most, of these deaths are preventable. These stunning portraits, taken by award-winning photographer Ilvy Njiokiktjien in partnership with UNICEF, show mothers and babies from around the world whose lives have been changed by access to life-saving resources like breathing masks and counseling support for new mothers. Here, mom Celia Virginia Flores Mamani, 37, holds her seven-day-old baby daughter, Priscilla Solamita Meza Flores, who was born at the health center in Yaurisque District, Paruro Province, Peru.

Priscilla was born via a cesarean section because her mother lives with epilepsy. Thanks to the assistance of a skilled midwife and a mama wasi (a “mother house”) where her mother could rest before the birth, Priscilla survived….. 🧡just another reason why the work we do at @everymomcounts is so important to me.”