Eddie Vedder Family Unloads On Big Name After Rape Bombshell


Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill Vedder has unloaded on the state of Alabama’s government after the state’s near total abortion ban. The legislation makes no exceptions for victims or rape or incest.

“My blood is boiling this morning … no choice even with incest and rape ?? 😡 What the actual F@&K😡 donating to @plannedparenthood immediately. (🗣 @narvaez_art ) #mybodymychoice.”

“To the male politicians who voted against women’s right to choose 🖕🏼”

She also recently shared a Global Citizen post, “On Mother’s Day, people around the world devote the day to the women who brought them into this world. In truth, we should honor moms every day of the year for their incredible feats. Bringing life into the world and raising healthy, happy children is no easy task. More than 800 women and girls die every single day of pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications and each day more than 7,000 newborn babies fail to make it through their 24 hours in the world.

Many, if not most, of these deaths are preventable. These stunning portraits, taken by award-winning photographer Ilvy Njiokiktjien in partnership with UNICEF, show mothers and babies from around the world whose lives have been changed by access to life-saving resources like breathing masks and counseling support for new mothers. Here, mom Celia Virginia Flores Mamani, 37, holds her seven-day-old baby daughter, Priscilla Solamita Meza Flores, who was born at the health center in Yaurisque District, Paruro Province, Peru.

Priscilla was born via a cesarean section because her mother lives with epilepsy. Thanks to the assistance of a skilled midwife and a mama wasi (a “mother house”) where her mother could rest before the birth, Priscilla survived….. 🧡just another reason why the work we do at @everymomcounts is so important to me.”

  • what about a baby’s right to LIVE? I saw this quote yesterday, & haven’t been able to get it out of my mind…
    “if it’s wrong to kill people, no matter how young, then it’s wrong to kill people even when they were fathered by a horrible person who did a horrible thing. We don’t execute children for the crimes of their parents.”

    Dana Hall McCain

    • That right to live should be determined by the mother who will not only have to birth said product of assault but have to raise it for it for a minimum of 18 years. The rapist, in your scenario, would not be on the hook for any of that. It is not just or right to force a woman to do something that is against her will.

      • iRuminate

        No one gets to decide the right to life of any other individual. That’s the great thing about that particular right. You are protected by that same right. Everyone you love is protected by that right. How can you honestly say, or even think, that someone should be able to determine someone else right to live.

        Also, the mother DOES NOT have to raise the child for 18 years.She doesn’t even have to see the baby once.
        Adnd here, I’ll dispel a common myth for you. If a woman that has been raped decides to not carry her baby to term, and has an abortion….the pain of the rape does not magically disappear. Abortion does not take that away. There are as many cases women who have carried the baby to term, not to mention mothers who decided to even raise the child, that will tell you about the healing they received by choosing LIFE.
        This bullshit narrative that an abortion will fix your problems has been invented by Hollywood, the progressive left, and the abortion industry. It has no basis in fact.

          • iRuminate

            Try what again? Your comment and article have no apparent connection to my post.

          • I guess you’re being obtuse because it’s easier to ignore the world around you. So let me spell it out for you. Your last two sentences of your initial response as quoted here:

            “This bullshit narrative that an abortion will fix your problems has been invented by Hollywood, the progressive left, and the abortion industry. It has no basis in fact.”

            The article that I provided totally invalidates that hypothesis since it details a Conservative Republican asking her mistress to abort his bastard in the womb thus fixing his infidelity problem. Sounds like facts to me.

          • iRuminate

            Your point still makes zero sense. Are you arguing that men who impregnate women accidentally should encourage them to get an abortion? And you’re posting this article as support for your position?

            How did you switch from the circumstances of a rape victim as being the equivalent of the circumstances of a dirty politician?

            Try spelling that out.
            *shakes my head* the arguments that you hear sometimes.

          • person

            trying to argue or reason with a leftist is like chasing a squirrel around the bac yard with a tennis racket

          • Loren Michael

            I don’t think obtuse even BEGINS to cover it. Good God. I can see why you dropped this argument like a hot potato. Abortion has never been guaranteed to “fix all your problems”. And I can’t even begin to think of a movie I’ve seen(and I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds)that advocated abortion. This is just another example of a male dominated society using the cover of religion to control women. They’ve been doing it for thousands of years and they’ll keep doing it until women return to their rightful place as the godheads and leaders of ALL societies and civilizations on this planet. Women should be worshipped and revered as the life-givers they are. Not as man’s procreation vessels. Giving birth to more sheep to add to the mindless flock. BAAA-AA-AAAHAA.

          • Eurobaby

            YU DUN convinthed me i/z wrong. Yes, thank your eloquence for that conversion of opinion.

      • dude, I am not debating that cases of rape, underage girls who are pregnant, women who have medical conditions that could result in death of possibly baby & mother, those are NOT what I call abortions. Those are terminations for valid reasons.
        I am talking about women who won’t take pro-active precautions (pill, condom, whatever) & run off to abort when “surprise” they get pregnant. I protest the use of abortion as a form of birth control.
        And there are a lot of them out there who do exactly that. I have personally known several.

    • Stone Gossardish

      It’s not about that. It’s about what happens before that, who controls the choice. We’re not even getting to the baby’s right to live. Who should have the choice?

      To me, it’s simple, conservative, and fair to permit women to decide for themselves with their medical providers, within reason, whether to have an abortion. Our federal laws in the US on this topic are actually common sense filled at this time.

    • Eurobaby

      AMEN! BLESS YOU! People are more than the circumstances surrounding their conception. I was conceived as a means of avoiding the Viet Nam war.

  • Pat

    Perhaps if you made better choices and learned how to control your own body prior to getting pregnant with a child you never wanted then abortion wouldn’t be an issue, would it? AND to use the small % of rape, incest as a tool for open abortions for any and all is truly pathetic. BUT – you still have numerous other states and countries to go to to murder your child. Alabama isn’t the only place in the world.

  • klunkerboy

    Its never been about saving babies, its about controlling people with a long term goal of reducing the non-wealthy to the status of property. Read the libertarian agenda, they fully believe that indentured servitude (i.e. slavery) should be legal and that only the wealthy ruling class should be allowed to vote and rule. This is just an avenue into attempting to reduce women to second class citizens with no rights over their own bodies…IOWs property of the state (state = ruling class = wealthy republicans).

  • person

    Jill Vedder = typical leftist filth along with her husband
    damn she’s an angry bitch

  • Randall Roberts

    What about “aborti-mom’s” using THEIR OWN POLITICS TO GOVERN WHETHER A CHILD LIVES OR NOT ? Damned Hypocrites. Can’t see further than themselves. This is what happens when you use what everybody always considered an emergency procedure as an everyday birth control method – it disgusted your fellow citizens enough that they stopped it from continuing. There are condoms, pills and devices that can prevent pregnancy. There is ALMOST no real need for abortions on demand, even in Alabama. There IS a need for men and women to take responsibility when having sex. I doubt that Alabama’s law changing will cause much behavior change since they need only cross a state line to still get a legal abortion. It’s about time we stopped this legalized murder on behalf of irresponsible people.

  • Eurobaby

    Jill, You sound so, umm 30 yrs ago. Ever heard of 4d US? Good lord, people are having gender reveal parties for their first trimester family members. Get with the f/n times hag.