Dave Grohl Disturbing Health Issue Revealed In Stunning Video


Dave Grohl shared more details about recently undergoing surgery on his arm at a Foo Fighters show in New Orleans earlier this week. The band were forced to push back the show by a couple of months due to Grohl’s surgery. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments.

“I’ll tell you, I had to do it. I wanted to come, but unfortunately, through a little mishap that I had onstage once, I fucking tore my bicep off of the muscle. You ever seen anyone do that?

You got one, don’t you? Yeah brother, I got one too. It sucks a little, and I need this thing to pay my f**kin’ bills. So I had to go and take care of that, and I couldn’t wait to come back and play for you, and I sort of decided that since we’re coming back a little late, we’ve got to work extra hard.”

NOLA wrote in a review:

If my ringing ears didn’t deceive me, Grohl apologetically explained that he was the formerly injured Foo Fighter. During a concert mishap, he had separated a muscle in his arm from the bone and needed to knock off for a while to recover, he said. Grohl lamented the lost opportunity to participate in the parade, saying it would have been tough with T-Rex arms, referring to the toothy dinosaur with the seemingly useless front limbs.

Pulling the curtain of curly black locks from his face and flashing his satyr-like smile, Grohl went on to express his love for New Orleans, which he called his favorite city in America. “If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be this amazing city,” he said.