Watch Eddie Vedder Forget Lyrics To Pearl Jam Classic


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder performed “Unthought Known” off of Backspacer at the Ohana festival over the weekend, and a fan reported that he forgot the lyrics to the song.

Ernie Vedder posted on the Ten Club forums, “Great set! Ed forgot the words to ‘Unthought Known’ but he played it off cool. Good job Ed!”

Vedder briefly stopped playing, and sarcastically said, “What’s wrong with this guitar? It used to be a little louder I think.” He then went back into the song.

kst posted on the Ten Club forums, “EV solo compared to a PJ show is a bit apples and oranges but fantastic in its own way. This show was phenomenal and I can’t wait for the next chance to see him again. Also a shout out to the organizers as although there were lines for the parking shuttles afterwards it was very orderly, the line moved, and they had a good amount of buses.”

PearlJamVixen posted, “WOW! Ed’s performance last night was incredible!!!!!! My favorite Ohana show yet! Should I Stay or Should I Go was unbelievable and so was Hard Sun. And pretty much everything else, lol. Thank you, Ed, for a great show!”

Watch video below.