Eddie Vedder Hints At Huge Pearl Jam 2019 Announcement


Eddie Vedder discussed the future of his Ohana Festival in a new letter to KROQ. He first discussed the 2018 lineup, and later hinted at asking Pearl Jam to play in 2019.

“I’m building up my stamina now ’cause I don’t wanna miss a thing,” he promised. “Johnny Marr and I worked together with Neil Finn, so I’m excited to see him again. Beck, Legend. John Doe, Legendary Legend. The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs…truly amazing live. Pow Pow Family Band made a super exciting first record, can’t wait to see them live. A young surfer named Jonny Roundhouse writes songs about surf and is so perfect for the bill. Liz Phair, Mumford and Sons, Norah Jones, Amos Lee, Eric Church…it just keeps going. I’d really like to hear at least one band a day from in the waves. Music and surf, the ultimate combination. And I hear there’s a swell coming in just for the occasion. Nature Approves. Surf’s Up Ohana!”

For fans curious to know what to expect from next year’s lineup and beyond, Vedder couldn’t resist offering up a sweet and intriguing tease.

“Not everyone knows that Springsteen was a full-on surfer back in Jersey. His first bands used to practice in the warehouse of “Challenger Surfboards” back in the day,” Vedder revealed. “All their gear was covered in the dust and resin emanating from the shaping room. It sure would be something to hear his live vocals pushing out over the waves.

Even rock legends like Eddie Vedder know that scoring another rock legend for your own super cool musical festival is far from easy.

“He’s been working hard on Broadway. By year’s end he would have played 250 shows…so I’m not gonna be asking him anytime soon…the Boss needs a break!,” Vedder cracked. “Pearl Jam would be another good one. If I only had an in.”