Green Day Member ‘Scared’ David Letterman


In a recent revelation that adds an unexpected twist to the usual camaraderie between late-night hosts and musical guests, comedian David Letterman confessed to harboring an unusual fear – that of Green Day’s irrepressible drummer, Tré Cool.

In a short snippet via Rock Celebrities shared by Consequence on their X platform, Letterman delved into the eccentricities of Green Day’s performances on his show. He recounted an experience that left him, as he puts it, “frightened by the drummer.” The source of his trepidation? Tré Cool’s post-performance antics, which involved charging towards Letterman’s desk and lunging at him, creating an atmosphere that veered between playful banter and genuine fear.

As Letterman reminisced about those moments, he candidly admitted, “I assumed he was kidding around or perhaps he wanted to actually hurt me. But looking back at it, [I say,] ‘Wow, what a great experience that was.'”

Green Day became a recurring presence on Letterman’s shows, with the band making numerous live appearances. During these performances, Tré Cool, true to his name, embraced his role as the unpredictable wildcard. Post-performance, instead of a customary bow or exit, he would dive into a display of uninhibited energy, throwing himself on the floor in a spectacle that added an unexpected flair to the conclusion of each show.

These wild movements were not confined to Letterman’s stage alone. Tré Cool made it a signature move to step out from behind the drum kit and embark on spontaneous excursions, even occasionally switching instruments. This unpredictable behavior became a trademark element of Green Day’s live performances, cementing Tré Cool’s reputation as a drummer who not only rocked the kit but also brought an element of surprise and humor to every show.

As fans and viewers alike reminisce about these unforgettable moments, David Letterman’s revelation adds an intriguing layer to the mystique surrounding Green Day’s performances on late-night television. In the realm where scripted meets spontaneous, the drummer’s antics became an unexpected highlight, turning fear into fond memories for Letterman and entertainment for all who witnessed the unconventional dance between the host and the drummer that left an indelible mark on the annals of late-night television history.