Eddie Vedder Insults Tommy Lee With Chad Smith


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder mocked Tommy Lee’s onstage drum set up at Motley Crue at a concert in New Jersey the other night with his band The Earthlings, continuing his feud with Motley Crue.

Tremorman said posted on the Ten Club board, “Amazing night. Just jotting down some random stuff while its fresh. The quiet opener with just Ed and Glen on Society ended with a fury of dueling Townshend speed strumming between the two. Invincible was a very unique and compelling song. Its so atmospheric but gets a bit heavy too. All the fast new ones were fucking great. Ed was stalking the edge of the stage on many of them giving them his full energy. Loved fast Patriot (no slow start!). At one point Ed said this next song wouldn’t have been written without this next person and they are no longer with us before slamming into Dirty Frank which was sort of a funny fake out. Big band bow at the end of this one with all members laughing like they had a blast. As Ed walked off the stage he spotted an Irish flag on a monitor and picked up and gave a wave.

Couple of other banter notes: Before Fallout Today, Ed gives props to Watt. He says he helped him so much with the record and he ordered lunch and dinner. definitely someone you hang on to. He also said Fallout Today is up there with a Mike McCready solo. Watt’s bio teacher was in the audience and Ed said the teacher took him to Watt’s first PJ show, so this night is in a way because of him, to big cheers.

And Ed joked indirectly about the Motely Crue thing saying Chad’s kit stays right where it is, it doesn’t need to flip around to be cool (or something like that) to laughs. In the Brother the Cloud intro about the Sandy Hook dad, Ed mentions someone told him the song reminded him of the SH dad. Ed said he could understand that but that loss was so unbearable he wouldn’t apply the song to him. He said BrotherTC is about “a few people but Jeremy is not one of them”.

Jill was also in the house, rocking out and graciously taking some pictures with a handful of people.”