Travis Barker Hires New Blink-182 Member?


Rumors recently started floating about Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker roping in a new member of the band. One of the fans on Reddit noted that the tech personnel knows that the artists Travis produces.

Blink-182 might be planning to recruit a new member

According to them Mark Hoppus and Travis have been recording new Blink material in Travis’s studio with a new unnamed guitarist/singer. As it turns out Matt Skiba has reportedly not been involved at this point. It has now been speculated that Skiba could be replaced and fans noted that a suitable replacement could be none other than Tom DeLonge. Images previously emerged with Hoppus’ guitar and bass being spotted in Barker’s studio. It is not clear whether the new recruit could be for a non-blink project. It was also speculated that Mark Hoppus might have leaked a new Blink-182 singer.

XBuzzLightyear posted on Reddit, “Okay so I know someone who techs for one the artists Travis produces. According to them Mark and Travis have been recording new blink material in Travis’s studio with a new unnamed guitarist/singer. Apparently Matt has not been involved. I don’t know what to think. I just can’t see blink replacing Skiba with anyone other than Tom. Maybe it’s for a non blink project and my source got some unreliable information. Does anyone else have any info or insight into this?”

A Day To Remember joined Mark Hoppus on the new episode of After School Radio on Apple Music Hits to discuss their new version of “Re-Entry” featuring Mark, why he was the obvious choice to feature on the song, balancing heavy music with catchy pop punk, thoughts on the When We Were Young festival, and more.

Mark said about the When We Were Young Festival:

“I saw a thing online that this is basically the Warped tour, 2022. Like, people were complaining that the set times were short. It was going to be a long day. And why didn’t they break this up into several days of a festival? And I’m like, ‘Have you not heard of the Warped tour. Like we were doing this back in ’97. Like why is this a shock to everybody?”