Eddie Vedder Joins Forces With Keanu Reeves


Eddie Vedder is someone who ensures that he does right by the community and does right by the people as it were when it comes to giving back. Eddie Vedder has always had a strong voice. That voice is not just for singing. The voice of Eddie goes heavily with the tides of change as well.

Recently, the Pearl Jam singer took part in the virtual edition of Venture Into Cures, a benefit for the EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa – which is a family of life-threatening rare genetic disorders that affect the body’s largest organ: the skin) Research Partnership, the organization to which he is a member with his wife Jill.

Eddie was not there alone as we saw various guests of the evening, from Tom Holland to Keanu Reeves up to Joy Oladokun (who played a cover of Eddie Vedder’s Matter of Time), the whole Vedder family spoke about the EB Research Partnership also recalling their friend Leslie Jordan, American actor and singer, who died last October 24 at the age of 67 due to a car accident.

The event was full of amazing speeches and moments from a lot of amazing people who want to make a change. As of now, we saw a lot of donations come in to help the cause. The cause has been ongoing and try yearly to do better every single year that they can.

The help brought by the public is due to the massive amount of influence that many people such as Eddie Vedder has. We love seeing the organization thrive and we sure hope that they keep doing better and better every single year.

The video of the evening is available below, after watching it you can help the EB Research organization by making a donation on give.ebresearch.org.

Special thanks to Pearl Jam Online.