Eddie Vedder’s ‘Pain’ After Two Doctor Visits Revealed


PearlJamOnline have reported on Twitter that Pearl Jam’s Italian concerts are ‘100% confirmed.’ Eddie Vedder’s vocals troubles led to the postponement of the band’s second show in London. Miss.Snowdrop shared new details on the Ten Club board about how Eddie appeared to be in pain at the band’s first London show, following his doctor visits.

“You could see and hear how much he was struggling on the first night. He mentioned that he’d seen two doctors that day and that his songs may not sound the same way (he wanted to sound like Adele but all the doctor could manage was Liam Gallagher). He did give his best but clearly couldn’t keep up and seemed to be in pain because he kept rubbing his throat like he was uncomfortable. As people mentioned here before the crowd sang a lot for him and it felt so me like Mike’s solos were longer than usual. Everyone seemed to be trying to take the pressure off him. It was a special show, because the crowd came together to support PJ when they needed us.

I personally wasn’t surprised when they announced that night 2 got cancelled. It took a second to register but I knew the city was full of PJ fans and there’d be something going on that night. There was a tribute band (they had already played the night before the first show) and they managed to pull an impromptu gig together, funnily enough at the Borderline where PJ played in 1992. Initially they had didn’t know, if their drummer could make it, so they asked Matt Cameron, who unfortunately declined (that would have been epic!). But it did work out and was awesome! Every single person in that room went home half deaf and happy.

Other people ended up at other concerts or the pub or spend more time sight seeing. I think the vast majority found something else to do and made the best out of the situation.

And I am sure most people understand the decision wasn’t make lightly, because the band understands that people traveled from all over the world to see them. They wouldn’t have done this, if there had been another way. But just check out videos from night one and you’ll understand why night two couldn’t happen.

Every single person I talked to understood why it was necessary to postpone the concert and that Eddie’s health comes first and that we’d rather lose some money, time and holidays than his voice forever! I’d rather he take it slow and be able to perform in the future!

That being said. Feel better Eddie! Drink some ginger, honey and lemon tea! Take all the time you need to heal fully! Prague won’t be the same without PJ but it would still be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe!”