Howard Stern Questions How Chris Cornell Could Die Like He Did


Howard Stern first discussed Chris Cornell and his daughter Toni’s cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U” on his show on Monday. He discussed Chris and Toni performing “Redemption Song” in 2015 on Wednesday’s show. He questioned how Chris Cornell could die by suicide and leave his children behind. Vicky Cornell has stated that the prescription drug Ativan played a role in his death.

Howard said yesterday he went online and started watching the video of Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni singing with her father, and it makes him so sad. He said he’s like Memet, he can’t stop watching it. Howard said that they covered “Nothing Compares 2 U.” He said that the first line is taking your love away, and it’s too much to bare, and that he went home and got through the first line.

He said this young lady can really sing too, and he wondered how Chris could leave his daughter like that. Robin Quivers said Howard could never do that. Howard said he’s going to think of his daughters before he kills himself, but that he likes feeling depressed though. He said it’s like sticking a vacuum cleaner up your ass.

Howard said he likes feeling sad but he never goes over the edge. Robin said that one day he was trying to convince a girl to have sex with him in high school, and she said he put on some song that bummed her out. Howard said he was not a good seducer of women, and wasn’t thinking clearly.

Howard played more of the cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U.” Howard said Chris is sitting there next to his beautiful daughter in the “Redemption Song” video. Howard said she sounds so mature in that song, and that she’s like Millie Bobby Brown. He said that Millie Bobby Brown was supposed to be at the MTV Movie Awards but she didn’t go. Howard said that they all lecture at these shows now, and that they’re young kids lecturing you on really important things. He said it’s all, ‘Don’t do this and don’t do that.’

Howard said Millie Bobby Brown hurt her knee so she wasn’t able to go to the show, and she recorded a message for the show. He said she sounds so adult. He said she’s way more adult than him, and he’s like quadruple her age. He said she denounces bullying and more, and that he could watch her all day.