Eddie Vedder Pisses Off Pearl Jam Fans, Gets Booed


Pearl Jam kicked off their summer 2018 European tour on Tuesday in Amsterdam, and there was a funny moment when Eddie Vedder got booed for poking fun at the Netherlands’ soccer team.

Eddie improved lyrics for the outro of “Wishlist” hopefully waiting for our next president who will be a much better person.
Jeff Ament confirms with Ed that orange, the national color of the Netherlands is also Jeff’s favorite color.
He wishes them good luck in the World Cup. The audience boos and it becomes clear that Ed is teasing them because the Netherlands didn’t qualify. “That would be like Italy not making it”.

He says, “Mike has something he wants to tell you. He said it back in Melkweg and he wants to say it here.”

“Mike McCready, and about 10 feet behind me is one of the all time greatest drummers. He has played in some all time great bands and with us. Mr Matt Cameron!”. Ed recognizes a person in the audience and teases him saying, “you had the yellow shirt in the elevator…and you were all over me..It is nice to see you but I am glad there is a barricade between us. But my room number is …” He talks about the next song being about the being handed an unknown drug and tells a story about Jeff getting high in Amsterdam while making the first record and ending up sleeping on a curb. He praises legalization in Amsterdam)