Eddie Vedder Performs With Young Fan In Adorable New Video


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder invited a young fan onstage on Sunday to perform with him. Ed talked about a cool kid he met named Jack West. He learned that Jack can sing and play. Ed had decided that he wasn’t going to invite fans onstage anymore because the last one was a disaster, but he found out Jack could sing and play so he decided that Jack was going to sing on the next song. Ed was joking about the last one being a disaster.


Michael Bennett has sat for the national anthem since the start of the Seattle Seahawks’ preseason in what he’s described as a protest of inequality in America. He did again last Sunday as Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready performed. When McCready finished, he turned around his guitar and held it up to reveal Bennett’s No. 72 in Seahawks colors pasted on the back.

“We talked about it a couple days before,” Bennett told ESPN. “He wanted to do something and that was pretty cool that he decided to do that.”

Bennett was among the players whose names appeared on a recently leaked memo written to the NFL in August seeking, among other things, for the league to dedicate a month to activism awareness.

McCready told ESPN.com: “I respect Michael Bennett and I support him 100 percent. I’m looking forward to our families spending more time together, and figuring out how to collaborate on some of his foundation’s programs for kids.”

Bennett appreciates McCready’s support.

“Even though we’re from two different parts of the world, he’s a musician and I’m a football player, for [him to support me] means a lot,” he said.

Pearl Jam also tweeted that they support Colin Kaepernick.